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TSM vs. Cloud9 & Immortals

Even though they went 4W-0L in the last two weeks, there is still a lot to be fixed for NA’s staple team. When they’re on their comfort picks, they play and function extremely well. When on something a bit different, they look lost and out of sync. Seeing how this is quite possibly the hardest possible schedule for them, you can expect TSM to go for their tried and true picks.

Regardless of how well C9 plays, they always seem to come up with the shorter end of the stick against TSM. This series should be no different, as Cloud9 is by all means a weaker team at the moment.

Winner: TSM to win against Cloud9, 1.57 (odds @ Bet365)

As for their match against Immortals, things get a lot more complicated. IMT already beat TSM once this Split, and obviously have the tools to do so again. Expect it to be a close series going in Immortals’ favor.

Winner: Immortals to win against TSM, 1.57 (odds @ Bet365)

CLG vs. Cloud9 & Team Liquid

Even though they fell short of taking down Immortals, they still showed promising signs. They’re a team that has changed a lot between these two splits, as their playstyle somewhat altered. They’re more aggressive, less prone to go for split-pushing tactics and more oriented towards teamfighting and etching small advantages through better macro.

That should be enough to take down Cloud9, as Darshan is simply playing on a phenomenal level, and when further enabled by Dardoch will have no trouble taking down whoever C9 puts on top. It will surely be extremely close, as all CLG vs. C9 series go. We are in for a treat that will surely go to three games.

Winner: CLG to win against Cloud9, 1.72 (odds @ Bet365)

Sadly for Liquid, no matter what they come up with in the draft, not even a game Reignover will be able to carry TL to victory. CLG has more tools in the shed and has better players in almost every position.

Winner: CLG to win against Team Liquid, 1.25 (odds @ Bet365)

Phoenix1 vs. Team Envy & Immortals

P1 showed signs of life over the last two weeks. They’re obviously improving with each game but not at a fast pace. If they manage to go even in the bottom lane and neutralize LirA’s aggressive playstyle they have a chance against Envy. However they still only one a single series, so betting on them is not really a good idea. Expect Envy to come out victorious in a close 2-1 series.

Winner: Team Envy to win against Phoenix1, 1.36 (odds @ Bet365)

As for their match against Immortals, they’re simply out of luck. They don’t have what it takes to fight against the absolute best and cleanest team in the LCS at the moment.

Winner: Immortals to win against Phoenix1, 1.20 (odds @ Bet365)

FlyQuest vs. Team Dignitas & Echo Fox

With only a single win behind their belts, FlyQuest are struggling with each game. While no one expected them to dominate the opposition, they’re still underperforming heavily. They don’t have what it takes to contest even a single game win against Dignitas, however against Echo Fox things get a bit more complicated. One could say that they’re relatively even in the standings. They have the in-game communication to beat Echo Fox, however whether or not that will end up being the case we can’t say for sure. It would be best if you would simply skip betting on this match as it will probably become a fiesta very quickly.

If you do however want to test out your luck, betting on Echo Fox would be a slightly better idea, however by an extremely small margin.

Winner: Echo Fox to win against FlyQuest, 1.44 (odds @ Bet365)

As for FlyQuest’s match against Dignitas – they simply don’t stand a chance. Dignitas has more weapons, and a Top 3 top laner in the league.

Winner: Team Dignitas to win against FlyQuest, 1.30 (odds @ Bet365)

Echo Fox vs. Team Liquid

Echo Fox started the split off on a good note, with three straight wins. However after that they’ve been slumping hard. So much so that they’ve stringed five losses in a row. Froggen’s amazing stats shouldn’t play that heavy a factor against Team Liquid who are struggling in their own right. However they’ve shown signs of life over the last couple of weeks, even managing to defeat Phoenix1.

Betting on TL seems to be a bit better idea at the moment. However much like Echo Fox vs. FlyQuest, skipping this one is highly suggested.

Winner: Team Liquid to win against Echo Fox, 2.25 (odds @ Bet365)

Team Envy vs. Team Dignitas

Dignitas surprised a lot of people when they went 0W-2L last week so they’re surely looking to get back into the win column. Next week would be the perfect start as they have two relatively easy matches. While Envy is far from a free win, Ssumday & Company have the stacked odds in their favor.

Winner: Team Dignitas to win against Team Envy, 1.53 (odds @ Bet365)