Photo: Riot Games

The grand finals. The clash of kings. The Best of 5 everyone knew was bound to happen and the only match-up that makes sense. The LEC el clasico.

For what it’s worth, we really are getting the best and most exciting conclusion to a split that was already one of the most thrilling rides in LEC history. A fight between two European kings.

Then again, it’s hard to really get excited, for a wide variety of reasons. The mechanical prowess is there. Both teams have experience in spades and have played on the biggest of stages, but G2 Esports just feels better in every regard. They’re downright staggering. They’re not perfect, but many of their inherent flaws are self-inflicted. They want to create a big fight. They want to fight from a 0-2 deficit and complete the reverse sweep.

They’re at home with the current meta and have shown no signs of stopping whatsoever. They’re as clean, capable and dominant as a team can be. Fnatic certainly has the right tools to fight back and make things somewhat competitive, but when push comes to shove, G2 Esports should always prevail — as they did just a week ago when their backs were against the wall. They were looking at an upset loss and yet still found the strength to persevere, turn things around and complete the sweep over Fnatic. It was absolute insanity on all fronts.

To bet against G2 Esports, at this point in time, would be to bet against reason itself. It would mean betting against proper judgment, and that we cannot do. We never know what’s going to happen when G2 Esports steps foot on stage. That’s always a complete unknown. Will we see a Soraka top? Will they role swap for days? Will Mikyx pick his staple (and highly feared) Gragas? Who will get his hands on Pyke? We don’t know, and neither do they. That’s why it’s fun, and that’s why they’re always smiling beyond comprehension regardless of the state of the game.

To G2 Esports, this is all a game; and the LEC finals are just a negligible block in the road, a minute puzzle just waiting to get solved. They have the bigger picture in mind, and they’re unwilling to waste much time to get there.

They might not outclass Fnatic beyond comprehension, but they’re definitely going to win. There’s no doubt about it. How it’s going to unravel, however, is anyone’s guess.

Winner: G2 Esports, 1.28 (odds @ Betway)