Photo: Riot Games

For our second gauntlet Best of 5 we have a match-up that is, by all means, ten times more exciting than the one that preceded it. Now, this is by no means a fight between two giants of unparalleled strength, but it is a fight between two teams that are fairly similar when it comes to strength and potential.

Clutch Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming already fought against one another mere weeks ago, and it was definitely a clash for the ages. It wasn’t exactly a display of premier League of Legends seeing how both teams showed incredible inconsistencies throughout the series, but it was an exciting, rather thrilling five-game barnburner nonetheless.

Both teams fought their hearts out and by the end proved their worth in front of thousand of roaring fans. In the end, however, Counter Logic Gaming did more. It was a constant back and forth affair that left us at the edge of our seats, but it also ended on a somewhat underwhelming note: Counter Logic Gaming completely dismantled Clutch Gaming.

It was a series’ worth of evolution, and they adapted and grew as the games went by. It was almost comical. They started off as badly as a team could. Nothing worked in their favor and yet they didn’t surrender. Game two was pretty much the same, and yet this veteran-filled roster never lost their poise; they never stopped believing in the reverse sweep. And sure enough, they made it work. They found an avenue toward success; they drafted towards their strengths and completely outclassed Clutch Gaming at the one moment no one thought they could.

They made ample mistakes, that’s for sure, but so did Clutch. Perhaps most importantly, they experimented and yet still found the strength to bounce back. They had mental fortitude for days and their grit was admirable, to say the least. It was the Counter Logic Gaming everyone expected to see, they just needed a bit more time before coming online.

By the end of the series, there was no doubt when it came to saying who was the better and more capable team. Clutch Gaming, for all of the fantastic things they did up to that point, were inherently flawed and it only took Counter Logic Gaming two games to come up with a solution.

It was an exciting clash, that’s for sure, but the fashion in which it ended definitely felt a bit sour. It felt like we witnessed a sham, like we were duped into thinking Clutch had what it took in order to persevere and emerge victorious. It felt like we were being set up for a fantastic underdog story, and yet we never got the ending we thought was coming.

But fast forward a couple of weeks and we have a repeat on our hands.

Now, the meta didn’t change. Nothing earth-shattering came out. Clutch Gaming played one rather underwhelming (to put it mildly) Best of 5 against FlyQuest and that’s all. Counter Logic Gaming had the luxury of relaxing and watching their opponents play, so that have the edge in every way, shape, and form. They already won once when everything was against them, when they were at a staggering deficit. There’s no reason why they won’t be able to do the same yet again.

They’re two Best of 5 wins from going to the World Championship. That would be a seismic triumph for an organization that was irrelevant since 2016. They know such a thing is within reach, and they’re also fully aware that they have all the right tools within their disposal in order to make it a reality. They’re in full control and they’re dangerous, they’re flexible, original, and in sync as a five-man unit. They can attain success through a plethora of different ways, and even though they’re not the most stable or consistent of challengers, they’re more than solid enough to get the win tonight.

Regardless of the way it finally resolves, we could be in for one heck of a Best of 5 if Clutch Gaming steps up and plays to their strengths.

Winner: Counter Logic Gaming, 1.70 (odds @ Betway)