eSports are played online and watched online, it only makes sense for bettors to bet online as well. Fortunately for eSports and LoL betting aficionados, the number of betting sites that offer eSports betting is increasing and that’s good because heavier competition usually results in better betting offer. Betting operators always claim to attract more new customers and most of them tend to claim to be the best betting site.

Knowing which site is really the best, or at least knowing which ones are good enough and trustworthy is certainly not easy. But, if you know what you’re looking for and how to judge whether a betting site provides what you’re looking for, it is not that difficult. Below we discuss the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a betting site or sites.


Trusting a betting operator enough to place wagers online means that you’re trusting them with your money, and in order to do that you have to be certain the betting website in question is legitimate. Some countries have governmental bodies which award certificates to betting operators, whereas others don’t. Even if your country of residence doesn’t have a certification body, you should prefer operators that are licensed and regulated by another country, preferably one that has a respectable regulatory body.

Betting Offer

If you like to bet on League of Legends, it is understandable that first you’ll consider whether the operator in question offers eSports betting. If it offers eSports betting, then it is more than certain that League of Legends is also included, as it is one of the most popular eSports.

Not all operators that offer betting on League of Legends offer betting on the same events and competitions. You’ll notice that some sites feature only the top competitions like the Championship Series and the World Championship, whereas other also include smaller tournaments and regional leagues. Even if you intend on betting on the big games, there’s no harm in having the option of betting on smaller tournaments, especially because there might be some good value bets there.

And it is not all about the featured tournaments or matches, the offered markets are also important. Some operators will only allow you to bet on the match winner, but other will offer more markets, like what will the margin of victory be, or whether the number of kills will be odds or even. Furthermore, some bettors like to bet both on eSports as well as conventional sports, and those bettors will probably want to consider the rest of the website’s betting offer.

If one operator offer higher odds than another on most occasions and for most selections, then it is obvious that the first is a better choice than the latter. The differences between the odds that different operators offer are usually small, but it adds up, especially if you bet often or place multiple selections on your bet slip (parlay or accumulator).

Some operators offer options like live betting and cash-out. With live betting bettors are allowed to make wagers on matches that are already underway and the odds in that case reflect the course of the match up to the point when the bet is placed. With the cash-out option, bettors are available to get a proportion of their profits or at least a fraction of their stake if they no longer wish to wait until the bet is settled in full. This options offers a higher degree of flexibility.

Mobile Betting

Speaking of flexibility, most bettors would want to be able to place wagers, browse the odds, or even make deposits to and withdrawals from their betting account regardless where they are at the moment. That is why it is essential for a betting operator to support mobile betting. Most operators ensure that their websites are mobile-optimised, whereas some offer special mobile betting apps which can be download quickly and freely.

Betting Bonuses

There aren’t many bonuses that are aimed exclusively at eSports bettors, where the bettors are required to wager the bonus amount on eSports. However, you might find an eSports special bonus here and there. Plus, if the popularity of eSports betting keeps on growing, we can expect that to change.

The fact that there aren’t many special bonuses for eSports and LoL bettors, doesn’t mean that these bettors don’t get to claim bonuses. Most of the standard sports betting bonuses don’t include a limitation when it comes to the sport on which the bonus money is wagered, i.e. eSports are not excluded. There might be limitations regarding the odds at which a bet should be wagered though.

Operators are cautious and they wouldn’t want to lose a lot of money, which is why they set specific and general bonus terms and conditions. These specify how and under what circumstances the bonus amounts are awarded, and a bettor should always read them carefully. It’s not always the bonus with a higher amount that’s more favourable, conditions, such as the wagering requirement and the other specifics matter a lot.

Banking Options

Most operators allow more than one banking method. Sometimes it depends on where you live and what currency you want your account to be in. Bettors tend to choose the method that’s most convenient for them. People generally want when their payments are processed faster and for deposits it is preferable if they could be processed instantly.

Some operators charge fees on deposits and withdrawals via certain methods and those banking options should be avoided. Even if the fee seems small, when you calculate all the money that you’ll have to spend on fees per year, you’ll see that it adds up. Some of the operators that accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals allow bettors to deposit and withdraw anonymously, without providing any financial or personal details. If you prefer betting anonymously, you should consider Bitcoin betting.

Customer Support

It is important for bettors to be able to have good communication with their betting operators and therefore the level of customer support is not something that should be neglected. Customer support is usually offered via phone, email or a live chat platform. Communication via regular post is usually too slow and hardly anyone would prefer it these days. It is best if the operator offers support through more than one platform, so that bettors will have an alternative. The customer support operating hours are another issue, it is better if they work 24/7.