If you are someone who is already familiar with betting and has actively wagered on other sports and you’re now considering betting on eSports, it can be said that the differences, in principle, between betting on traditional sports and eSports are minuscule. You will get the feel of it pretty quickly, especially if you follow eSports and know a bit about the respective teams and the tournaments.

If you’re an eSports fan who has never betted before, but you already know the respective strengths of the participating teams in the eSport of your choice, then you should focus on learning the basics of betting and how it works, since you’ll have no trouble understanding the specifics of eSports betting.

Bankroll Management

Managing your fiannce is probably the most important aspect for every bettor, regardless which sport they’re betting on. The first and foremost thing that you’ll have to do is decide how much money you can afford to lose. The key word here is ‘afford’. Nobody is suggesting that you should be losing, but you should always plan for the worst case scenario.

So, set a limit, a maximum amount of money that you can spend. You can set a weekly limit, a monthly limit, or a yearly limit, that’s a matter of personal preference. A monthly limit gives you a chance to plan in advance, without going too forward with your planning. Plus, planning on weekly basis is not the best solution, as there are weeks when there are significantly fewer events that you can bet on.

But, you can also set a bankroll for an entire year and then divide it into 12 portions for each month. One thing that you must not do is wager or most of your bankroll on one or few bets. You should never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on one bet slip, regardless whether your bet is on one or more selections. You should bet between 1% and 2%, or possibly 3% of your bankroll on one wager.

You can decide the specific percentage for each wager depending on how certain you are and the odds at which the bet is placed. In order to understand betting, you’ll need to understand how the odds work.

Odds and Types of Bets

The odds tell you how much money you’re going to make if you place a wager and they reflect the likelihood of the outcome. The odds can be given either as decimal, fractional or money-line (American).

The decimal odds are dominant in Europe and in order to calculate your winnings, you need to multiply the wager by the odds. You should bear in mind that your stake is also calculated in the final result. Fractional odds are dominant in Britain and they work in the same way, with the exception that the stake is not calculated in the winning amount. Money-line odds are used in America and when the odds are positive they tell you how much you’ll win with a $100 wager, whereas negative odds indicate how much you have to wager in order to win $100.

Use whichever odds make more sense to you, most sports betting operators allow you choose how you want to see the odds and making a conversion from one format to another is quite simple and easy.

When you add more than one selection to your bet slip the odds are increased, since it is required that all odds win in order for the whole bet to be a winning one. If you combine the selections so that it is no longer required for all selections to win (system or combination bet) the winning amount will be decreased, as it is a lot easier to get 3 out of 5 selections, then to get all 5 of them.

It cannot be said, as rule, whether you should be betting on bets at higher or lower odds, it is a matter of preference and each individual bet or selection has its specific characteristics. However, it would be wise to place smaller amounts on bets that are at higher odds, simply because they involve a greater risk. There are bettors who enjoy placing an occasional wager at high odds, hoping that they’ll win big. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s no need to place a big amounts of money on such bets.

Shop for Odds

We’ve already explained how the odds work and, as you already realised, a bet at a higher odds means more money into your pocket if that bet wins. Therefore, it is extremely important to find the best possible odds. If two betting operators offer different odds on the same selections, that it is clear that you should place the bet at the one that offers higher odds, because that way you’ll earn more.

You should always ‘shop around’ for odds. You are not limited to just one account, you can register a betting account with as many operators as you want. Then you can place one bet at one website and the next one at another, depending on which of them offers better odds. The difference in the odds offered by various operators will probably not be very high, but they tend to add up. If you place a multiple wager, or place a larger amount of money than the difference will have a significant impact on the potential winnings.

Choosing an eSports Betting Operator

Since you’d be going through sports betting operators comparing the odds that they offer on the selections that you intend betting on, but also in general, you might as well have a look at the other aspects of the betting offer of the respective operators.

Firstly, and most notably, you’ll need to select an operator which offers eSports. While this is self-explanatory, you should also check which eSports are featured. Some operators offer only the major, most popular eSports, whereas other operators may offer a broader scope of games for betting.

Needless to say, if one operator offers significantly lower odds compared to most of its competitions on most occasions, then you should definitely avoid that operator and choose the ones who aren’t trying to rip you off. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Then, it is the issue of legality, i.e. the license. Always trust operators that have been licensed and certified by the relevant authorities. Even if your country of residence doesn’t feature a body that is in charge of licensing, you can still check whether the operator in question has been licensed by some of the respectable regulatory bodies.

Also, a sportsbook should employ high security standards, especially since, in most cases, bettors will be required to provide sensitive financial information that would have to be protected. Most reputable operators these days utilise protection systems that give bettors the same level of security as the leading financial institutions.

Then we reach the topic of bonuses and promotions. As you probably know, millions of people from all over the world bet online. Betting operators put a lot of effort in attracting new bettors, but also in trying to keep the existing ones engaged. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that betting operators offer various bonuses.

New bettors, i.e. people who are account holders, but are about to open a new account at a betting site usually get the best deals. It is still rare for operators to offer special eSports betting bonuses and free bets, but many of the regular bonuses are also available to bettors who bet on eSports. Due to the increasing popularity of eSports betting, we can expect a lot more operators to start developing and offering bonuses that are aimed exclusively at eSports bettors.

Funding Your Account

We discussed the basic bankroll strategy, but when we’re speaking of finances and money, there’s another issue that you will need to go through. Most operators offer at least few payment options, while some give their customers a lot of opportunities.

Generally, it is better to look for an operator that offers more payment methods, because that means that you have more options at your disposal, but it is crucial to see if any of the provided methods are your preferred methods and they are available to you and you think that they are convenient.

Some operators charge fees on deposits and withdrawals made via certain payment methods. It is, understandably, best to avoid these payment methods, as fees limit your chances of making a significant betting profit. Always consider alternatives and non-traditional payment methods. In the last few years betting with Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, both due to the fact that Bitcoin allows anonymity and that it is not considered currency in the strong sense of the word, so that betting is permitted even in countries and states where real money betting is prohibited.

Mobile Betting

Once you’ve chosen a betting operator, or operators, and have already considered your options when it comes to payment methods, you’ll need to register and then log in with your account details (password), in order to be able to make a deposit and start wagering. Bitcoin betting operators might even allow you to make an anonymous deposit, without having to register. You’ll notice that most online betting websites have similar outlines and functions.

Placing a wager is also quite similar, you can browse through the sports and competitions and then just click on the selection that you’d like to bet on. Most sports betting operators enable customers to bet on mobile devices. Some operators provide mobile betting apps that can be downloaded, most have a mobile-optimised website, whereas some have both. The mobile betting platforms, be they web-based or download, support all the same features as the desktop versions.

eSports Betting Specifics

Most things concerning online betting are the same regardless whether you’re betting on traditional sports or eSports, but it is very important to know the specifics regarding eSports betting if you’re planning on betting on League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive or some other game.

The types of markets that are available for eSports betting depend on the eSport in question. For more popular eSports and the tournaments and competitions that attract more attention it is possible to place an outright ‘tournament winner’ bet. Here you bet which team is going to win the tournament. It doesn’t matter what happens on individual matches, as long as that particular team wins the tournament. For certain tournaments it is also possible to bet whether a team will reach the finals or not.

For individual matches, it is possible to bet which team is going to win. If in the particular eSport it is possible for a game to end in a draw, then 3-way betting might also be available. For some matches that’s about it, you can only bet on the winner. And there are certain operators that offer only this market for eSports betting.

However, there are a lot more options, especially if the match is part of a popular tournament, or the betting operator in question puts a heavy accent on eSports betting. For example, you may bet on margin by which either of the teams is going to win. These bets are offered at higher odds than simple match betting, as it is much more difficult to predict that a team is going to win by a margin of two or more than two maps than simply predicting that it is going to win.

Furthermore, you can also bet on the outcome of each of the maps. If you bet that team ‘X’ will win Map 1, it doesn’t matter what happens afterwards, as long as they win the map in question. You can bet on the total number of kills, which team draws first blood and many other options, depending on the specifics of the eSport in question and what the operator offers.

You can combine multiple selections, combine different eSports and even eSports with traditional sports on the same bet slip. Most operators will allow you to combine the types of bets, you can place a single bet on each of the selections, place a parlay (accumulator) on all of them, or combine the selections and place one or multiple combination bets.