Regardless whether someone is betting on League of Legends, some other eSport, or a conventional sport like basketball or tennis, they would still want to get to place more wagers with less money, because that significantly returns the winning chances.

Online sportsbooks on the other hand are constantly looking for new customers, as they know that the number of people interesting in betting is growing on a daily basis and that the competition is fierce. That is why every online sports betting site tries to offer more than its competitions. In addition to the betting offer, number of markets and increased odds, one of the more successful ways to get more customers is by offering bonuses.

Free bets are the most commonly offered bonuses. Even though the underlying principle is the same, there are different free bet bonuses and there are certain things that you should know about them before claiming any.

Claiming Free Bet Bonuses

The conditions under which a free bet bonus is awarded may vary and thus the way of claiming a no free bet bonus will also vary. For some free bet bonuses, only bettors who have registered a new account, and haven’t previously been customers of that sportsbook, are eligible to receive them. In that case, you will have to register an account.

Other free bet bonuses can be also awarded to existing players, but they might be required to use a bonus code before the bonus is awarded, or place a qualifying bet first. In some cases, the bettor will be required to send an email asking to be awarded a free bet bonus. On the other hand, sometimes betting sites award free bet bonuses automatically, to all bettors who satisfy certain conditions. In those cases, you would be required to send an email or inform the operator otherwise that you want to opt out of the free bet bonus in question.

Some free bet bonuses are money-back or cash-back bonuses where the operator returns your lost wager in the form of a free bet. In order to claim such a free bet bonus you’d need to place a qualifying wager and then lose it. But just losing a bet isn’t sufficient, you’d have to lose it under certain conditions. Just like with other free bets, these free bets are sometimes awarded automatically, whereas on other occasions you’d have to opt in.

Free Bet Bonus Terms and Conditions

Free bets are always awarded under certain conditions. Like it was noted above, different free bet bonuses target different types of bettors. For example, some bonuses are only available to residents of certain countries, thus, if you’re not a resident of one of the countries on the list, you won’t be able to claim the bonus.

If it is a special sports bonus, you’d have to use your bonus on that particular sport, often even on a particular competition of that sport. Placing a wager on a particular sport or even can often be a condition under which a free bet bonus is awarded.

When you’re required to place a wager before you can receive a free bet bonus, other conditions are usually also included, like the odds at which the qualifying bet has to be placed, for example 1.75 or 2.00. Some bonuses, like the bonuses for new bettors, are offered as ‘one-time only’ bonuses and they can’t be claimed twice.

Once you’ve received the free bet bonus you can wager it, under the specific conditions that apply. For example, if you get a free bet bonus which can be wagered only on football, you want be able to use the bonus amount to bet on basketball.

Furthermore, there is always a time frame in which you have to use your bonuses. If it says in the bonus terms and conditions that you have three days to use the bonus and you fail to do so, the bonus will be void.

Rollover Requirements

Most, if not all, free bet bonuses have rollover requirements, i.e. there’s a certain amount of money that bettors have to wager before they are permitted to withdraw the free bet bonus winnings and it is usually an amount several times larger than the worth of the received free bet bonus, for example x5. If the wagering requirement is x5 and you’ve received a bonus worth $5, then you’d have to wager at least $25 before you can withdraw your winnings.

In addition to the amount that has to be wagered, some operators also specify the lowest odds at which a bet has to be wagered in order to contribute towards the rollover requirements. If the odds have to be higher than 1.75 and you place a bet at 1.73, than that bet won’t contribute towards the fulfilment of the wagering requirement.

Operators also specify a period of time during which the wagering requirement has to be completed. If that period is 30 days and the bettor fails to wager the required amount within 30 days then all bonus winnings will be declared void.